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Welcome to Haverhill Community Care

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Contact us via phone or email, tell us why you would like our support, we will then explain the services that we can offer, answer any questions you may have then send you all the necessary information via post or email.

We will arrange a convenient date and time to visit you in your own home. We will work with you to develop a person centred care plan which will detail your needs, routine, likes, dislikes, preferences and any goals you are working towards.

We will then set up the care and introduce you to your care worker. A copy of your care plan will be in your property so your care worker will have a full understanding of your needs and the tasks required.

Regular care plan reviews will be undertaken to ensure your needs and expectations are being met and where appropriate, with your agreement, adjustments will be introduced to ensure you
receive the best possible service.

Get In Touch

Everyone in life has different needs…

We support Service Users to maintain their independence and enhance their quality of life by enabling control through professional, qualified, reliable and trustworthy care in the comfort of their own home. We are committed to delivering innovative and individualised Care working closely with the service user and their family, and collaboratively with other Healthcare Professionals to ensure that their need is central to everything we do.

Our Aims and Objectives

The aim of Haverhill Community Care Limited is to provide creative, innovative responses to meet the changing Health and Social needs of all our service users. At Haverhill Community Care Limited we aim to provide individually tailored care packages and support for:

  • People who are elderly and frail
  • Adults with complex and long term conditions
  • Adults requiring palliative and end of life care
  • Adults requiring additional support during convalescence following an injury, illness, or period of hospitalisation
  • Adults with Learning Disability
  • Adults with Physical Disabilities
  • Adults living with Dementia

We intend to achieve this aim by pursuing the following objectives:

  • Creating an environment that encourages personal development, confidence, self-esteem, self care and promotion of independence.
  • Respecting Confidentiality and Data Protection and maintaining the Service User’s right to Confidentiality by securing consent before sharing information with others.
  • Obtaining informed consent from the Service User for all aspects of care activities.
  • Respecting Individuality, Equality and Diversity.
  • Ensuring each Service User is fully involved, understands and is in agreement with all care decisions.
  • Promoting the Service User’s right to privacy, respect, choice, and dignity.
  • Achieving compliance and satisfaction with all care activities and ensuring a positive experience which is specific to personal needs and wishes.
  • Protecting physical privacy and dignity during care processes through careful planning and positive communication and attitude.
  • Ensuring each Service User, or significant others, can express their views and concerns through regular consultation.
  • Ensuring that complaints are listened to and responded to within given timescales.
  • Continually seeking ways of understanding the Service User who lacks capacity or has difficulty in expressing themselves, and seek additional input from other Healthcare Professionals to advocate when necessary.
  • Supporting Service Users to develop their social, vocational and recreational skills.
  • Respecting each Service User’s cultural, ethnic and sexual identity.
  • Promoting individual Health & Well Being through the delivery of holistic care.
  • Protecting the Service User from any risk associated with their health, welfare and safety.
  • Regularly monitoring and reviewing our service to ensure sustainable effectiveness and quality standards, and requesting and responding to feedback to inform improvements
    and changes in practice and service delivery.
  • Ensuring Care Staff are Care Certificated and QCF trained; receive specialised ongoing training to demonstrate achievement of the required standards and competencies.

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